Welcome to RustNRelax!

A high performing balanced server
Provides a slightly more relaxed SOLO/DUO experience
Bigger bases, more loot, less grinding and more fun

Active Admin and carefully selected QOL plugins

Anyone cheating is normally banned within 6 hours

Raid Limit. 2 Raids allowed every 24 Hours
No Raiding for 5 Days after Wipe
Remove Plugin is active for 5 days after Wipe

Max Teamsize 2 - Enforced by Plugins & Admin

**Free Plugins Include:


**VIP Plugins Include:


Type /info in chat for all Rules & Plugin Info

5X Gather - 2X Sulfur, Scrap, Loot + Better AirDrops
Half Craft & Half Smelt

5X Stacks - Short 5 Minute Nights

Monthly Wipes - Forced BP Wipe Only

No pay to win. Plugins are QOL only

Don't be picking on the same player over and over. Don't be toxic

Join us on discord.

Server Status



Server wipes on the first Thursday of the month. Blueprints only wipe when Facepunch wipe them

Players: 8/100


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VIP is now available.

All proceeds go towards server running costs.

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Failure to comply with rules will result in a ban.

Rules are pretty much the same as on official servers except for the following: